Adam Matthew Brown is a football pundit, gambler and womaniser (woma-womaniser womaniser baby).

Adam Brown


Ad-lar, TABE, AFKAA, The Artist Formerly Known as Adam, Browny, Adz, Ni**er (used during his Muslim days).

Early Life

Adam was born in Oxford on May 24th 1581 to Chris Brown and Rihanna [Citation needed]. He was then adopted by Madonna and sold at auction for $70 [citation needed]. He thought he was worth a little bit more than that. He then went to live with Guy Ritchie after the pending divorce and found solace in Leeds United. He was originally attracted to Harry Kewell, but he turned out to be a ta-wat.

The Lahds

Adam first encountered Lewis Holifield while as a practising Muslim. Lewis had a common interest with him in football, and the pair follow Oxford United. Adam is also friends with Mark White, Nathan "Lawesy" Lawes, Josh Chard, Dan Rae and Fraser Webster.

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Adam in prison


Adam was sent to prison for a lifetime sentence after rippign open Dan's nan with an axe. He escaped with the help of some sheep.

Famous Quotes

  • "You wouldn't throw Dan Rae! You couldn't, but..."
  • "M-lar!!! Glad Tidings - to you and your King!" (Repeated line)
  • "Thanks Reece" After Reece told him where da bogs were.

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