Alistair "McCoist, Gordon, McDermott Brown"is a Scotland native born and raised in Aberdeen.


Ali was born into the Brown family of Gordon and his wife Professor Quirrel, it was described as the perfect IVF treatment as Gordon was impotent.

From a young age we could see Ali had tremendous amounts of talent, his scottish hertiage would only ever hold him back "said his Uncle Geroge Burley". Ali set a goal to prove Uncle George wrong, and said he will one day be a household name around Britain. To begin his goal he started taking lesson in ballet, but after realising he didn't have the rquirred nimble feet, but realised he could have a career in the art of plumbing.


Ali moved dramatically south for uni, going to Newcastle to study Music Production in a bid to kick-start his solo gangsta rap career, you will find out later about his rap career.

Rap Career

Ali began his career mocking songs by The Proclaimers but in rap form, his first album "Ali Brown lost art of rhymes" was widely praised and reached number 5 in the U.S billboard charts, Ali then went on to join and collaborate woth Child Rebel Solider (citation needed) and him Lupe Fiasco and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback created there own band infamous for assaulting and murdering Eminems dog by leaving it in a hot car, Eminem took shot at the 3 of them by recording a song called "Kroeger and his Gayboys" a parody of the song "Kroeger and his homeboys".

East Coast Hate

Ali joined a faction of rappers that made a living of tarnishing legacies of famous solo artists or groups, they also killed Jammaster J and Maggot from Goldie Lookin Chain, Ali is k nown to have been involved with the murder of the latter. There signature was to live half a pineapple next to there victms, which was worrying when the LAPD found Pharrell Williams in a Walmart store.

Violence comes to fruition

Ali was involved in a pre-planned murder across the pond, they caught a plane to Heathrow, and got through customs. They went to a burger king and violently shot down reggae god Ellis Wiggins to a early and bloody death. Ali was later charged with manslaughter, and given a 2 year jail sentence and made to listen to a whole album of Coldplay's. It is believed Ali committed suicide on track 7.

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