Barack "Barry" White is the hideous mutation of mousemats and several compact discs. He was found by Barack Obama and Vanessa Hudgens outside of the McDonalds in Oxford. He is one of the most influential dictators, and was quoted to say "If Hitler was alive today, many people would be dead."

Early Life  

Barack White was adopted by Barack Obama after being found dying on the streets of Oxford. He was taken in and cared for, before being thrown out of a plane just before Obama got famous. This led to a spiraling depression for the child, and he used alcohol as a means of stress relief.


Barack quickly returned to the sewers of whence he came, and began a business underground, selling goods such as toothbrush handles and chair legs. The business was critically hit by the credit crunch, and the business folded. Barack turned to alcohol to ease the pain.


On the 7th October 2008, Barack was rushed to hospital after a suspected case of swine flu. One doctor stated it was the lack of "Sitting on a roof " that caused the bout of flu. It was good news for Barack, as it was only an exploded lung. A replacement lung was ordered for him, however the postal delievers were on strike, and he recieved the lung 4 days before christmas.

Magic Career

After the operation, Barack turned to magic. Barack began as a small time street magician before getting his break when Darren Brian watched him live at Bonn Square. Darren called him "The David Blaine for those who find him a bit too exciting." Barack did his first stunt live on ITV3. Many viewers were underwhelmed, as it consisted of him running around chasing sheep.

Reported Death

On the 15th of July 2009, Barack was reported to have been seriously injured anddying after one of his stunts failed. The Sun speculated Barack had died hours after being rescued. Hordes of tributes came flooding in by his fan, Chris Rickle. The speculation was misjudged, however, as barack walked out of his house and to the local Tesco to pick up a newpaper and a custard tart. Speculation of the afterlife began.

Future Plans

Barck has been reported to be in collaboration with Derren Brown in a stunt that "will shock viewers from within their core." The stunt was confimed by Derren, and will be the two magicians throwing tennis balls at each other, claiming they can never be hit. There will be a follow up show three days later to explain how it was done.

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