Christopher Jeremiah Joseph Rupert Mohammed Tarquin Spazwank Rickell IV or better known as "Rickle", is the ultimate geek of the group (closely followed by Lewis)

Chris Rickle


Mr. Noog, baby, sweetcheeks, studmuffin, ragamuffin, blueberymuffin, sexyass, manwhore.

Early Life

Chris Rickell evolved from some mould that grew on some bread. It became very evident early on that he established some fascinating past-times, including steel, hot water bottles, blankets, good songs and Mexicans.

The 2008 iTunes Kafuffle

In 2008, Rickell became involved in a kafuffle at iTunes, where he tried to download that song about raping satan by Cradle of Filth. The link didn't work so he emailed Amy at iTunes, California. He discussed the problems with her and she sent him a new link. He proceded to download the song, and it worked. He emailed her to say thanks.

The Traffic Light incident, 2001

Rickell approached the traffic lights. They changed from green to red. Then proceded to change to amber, or orange as it is commonly known. What followed next, shocked Rickell, as the lights then changed to green.


Rickell was involved in a scandal that involved him not doing his homework. It is claimed that he watched a documentary on steel.

The Mexican Wavegate

In 2008, Rickell went to the university of Oxford, but not the big one. He was sat in the middle of a load of people off of other schools. We made him do a Mexican Wave and no one else joined in.

Max Turner-Mosely

In 2006, Rickell became friends with Max "Turnip" Turner-Mosely. He went to many Nazi orgies.


  • If you cut Chris Rickell in half, he turns into two Rickals.
  • He turns very red after any strenuous exercise.
  • Rickell was referenced in the poem "We Love", where the writers said they loved "beating him on the bottom with a woman's weekly".
  • Chris Rickell has f**ked Kerry Katona in the arse.
  • Chris Rickell tried to get to number one with "Pretty fly for A Sci-Fi" but failed.
  • Rickell once challenged the monarchy by placing a stamp on a letter upside-down.
  • Chwis Wickal was once on Jonathan Ross.

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