Daniel Rae is a human being [citation needed].

Dan Rae


Dan, Danny, Daniel, Bangers, Fatty, The Morbidly Obese Chunk of Lard.

Early Life

Dan Rae was born to Rick Waller and Michelle McManus on August 14th 1992. From a very young age he enjoyed food and singing and in 2002, entered The X Factor. To help him with his quest, Adam murdered his grandmother with an axe and was sentenced to a lifetime in jail. He escaped with help from two dozen sheep and then continued his life as normal.

The X Factor Journey

Dan sang the Cradle of Filth song about raping Satan and then Smack My Bitch up at bootcamp. He was put in Louis Walsh's category and when Louis sexually mollested him, left and was signed to McFly's record label.


  • Dan loves sausage and chips
  • Dan loves crisps
  • Dan loves marmite
  • Dan loves wotsits
  • Dan loves caramel squares
  • Dan loves tubs of lard
  • Dan loves wet cat food
  • Dan weighs more than a fucking whale

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