Ellis "Livingston WInterforth" Wiggins III is the son of John Major and Angela Merkel, Ellis is known to be proud of his Nazi heritage, and his known to chant "Sieg Heil" when he goes to sleep.

The Early Life

Ellis was born in 1985, and in his early years enjoyed the easy life, which contained custard creams and the occasional whisky binge with his father, Major was taken fron his family to defend a country from far far away in the early 90's, replacing the previous dragon it had.

 Eliis felt loss without father John, and was recruited for a private school in Israel to study Politics, ethics and erotic art.


He graduated 4 years premature to what was anticipated, and was recruited by the conservative party in Britain to be the Mp of Brighton and Hove, many claim his father got him the job, but refuted these claims by saying "say what mo'fucker, i iz well the right man for da job", he immediately become the target of a daily mail hate campaign, saying he was the epitome of what was wrong with the state of the country. Eliis subsequently resigned and bcame a reggae singing sensation with such songs as "my mon is my life" and "reggae is da way of the carribean".

Ellis Wiggins


Ell, Wiggles, Wiggs, David Cameron Jr, Thatchers toyboy, Gerbles,


Ellis become a lecturer of politics and music, and was immediately thrusted into debate with tearaway student Nathan Sinclair (citation needed), the argument boiled over to the extent that Nathan threatened to hit him with a stool, and gave him a nickname, that made Ellis so angry that he come to school on a rampage and beat Nathan into a coma with a crowbar and a hammer. He was given a 4 month suspended sentence.

The re-ignition into his political career

 In 2021, Ellis stood for the conservatives in the Crewe by-election, he managed to win 57% of the vote and was elected to parliament under the condition that he couldn't racially abuse any of the other mp's again. Ellis was more loved the second time around, especially by the tabloids who thought he was the man to lead the country.... right into recession.


On August 17th 2048, Ellis went to burger king for a slap up meal with his wife/hermathrodite (Caster Semenya) and discussed politics whilst muching on a whopper, however the night turned bitter when some east coast rappers stormed the building claiming Ellis stole a song from one of there "homies", Ellis denied this refutely, but the rappers drew firearms, and Ellis drew blood from the chest down as he lay there to die. On his tombstone it says, Ellis Wiggins... the greatest man Britian never had... and a nazi supremacist.

Famous Quotes

"Nathan ... Shut up"

"Sieg Heil"

"Nathan you like low blows thought don't you"

"Big up the west staines massiv"

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