Expreiment 129 is a failed test subject created for further research in the field of tourism. The subject was announced terminated after the massacre of several American tourists in London. The subject is now taking a course in business management.

Early Years

The subjects life began after an explosion in Oxford labs. He is the missing link between humans and lamposts. The subject suffered several 3rd degree burns and needed a complete reconstrucion of the forehead area.

After successfully completing phase one of the tourism lockdown, the subject escaped into the real world, leading to many months of chases and Benny Hill music in the foreground. Citizens were not amused.

After Capture

The subject was caputed and brought back to the labs, there to undertake mindset rehabilitation.The doctors decided to send the subject to a school to broaden his social skills. the subject was pre-loaded with vital social information such as favourite colour and favourite football team. The subjects school life began with the threat of explusion from the school after he burned down his portakabin classroom. The subject wasn't blamed for his actions, but he was a "contributing factor".

School Life

The subjects school life was a fairly unhappy time for him. Left out from activities and time with his schoolhood chums, his main outlet of rage came in the form of one Tom Higgs. The pair became inseperable through the medium of dance. Out of the classroom, the pair began to grow fond of each others company, which ultimately lead to a powerful friendship.

The Sleepover

The subject was invited to a party at Tom Higgs' house, where a camera crew from the News of the World would attend. The pair engaged in staged erotica. The pair became subject of much media attention, which led to the couple becoming one of the most powerful couples in the world.

Celebrity Days

The couple became household names around the globe excluding Tunisia. This was the beginning of the end.

Adultery and Divorce

After much speculation, the subject revealed he had engaged in sexual relations with a panini. This enraged Tom Higgs, who, in an act of revenge, joined Elton John and that gay guy in a grazia party. Elton claims to have been violated, which led to Tom Higgs receiving a lawsuit. The court case was televised, and was dubbed "Violation across the nation" by ESPN. Tom Higgs won the case, however the subject and Tom Higgs divorced.

Future Plans

The subject is currently taking a course in business managment. The subject is also on the run from the scientists, who say they want to complete phase two of Tourism Lockdown. The subjuct was last seen flying to Jupiter, singing you'll never walk alone to the wrong tune and wrong lyrics.

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