Josh Stone was born in Cumbria, Scotland thank to a mixing  if sodium hydroxide and hydrogen, Josh has had a difficult upbringing and has had many issues in his life.#

Early life

Josh was a result of a year 8 chemistry class experiment gone wrong, he was born instantly after the chemicals mixed together, and he could speak within minutes, with his first word being "Wicky". Many people believe this to be the early signs of a lisp, but it turned out to be much worse than that. He later attended the Cumbria school of creative arts and stayed there for 12 years (despite it being a 5 year course).


On the 15th January 2001, at the tender age of of 10, Josh went to the local rehabilitation clinic, it turns out he had been struck down with "Constant Wiki Search Syndrome" (CWSS). He couldn't contain himself from searching wikipedia and then using his knowledge to tell otheres things they already know, it has been known that he has a confrontational and joined the pro boxing ranks in 2003.

Boxing Career

In his first professional fight, Josh scored a first round knockout of Barack White (citation needed), Barack was later admitted to hospital with a broken nose, 3 cracked ribs, a concussion and early signs of alzheimers thanks to Josh. Josh was subsequently banned from all forms of Boxing and began a career in the medium of dance.


 It's commonly known that Josh has suffered from a rare disease his entirety of life, see from a young age Josh was diagnosed with Parrot Vocal Shouting Disorder (or VPSD) for short, this disease affects the way Josh says things, and on any occasion he hears something interesting he incontrollaby gets the urge to shout the same thing at the top of his voice, he used to think it was for emphasis, but it turned out he was mildly retarded.

Future endeavors

 After losing his pro boxing license, Josh is believed to have turned to alcoholism and drug abuse, he is rumoured to be a man on his couch watching re-runs of M.A.S.H whilst drinking his body weight in cider and injecting himslef with tremendous amounts of heroin,

 In his last public appearance, Josh performed a charitable role as a Santa for local children, however he turned up drunk and was arrested for "unsuitable behaviour" on one malaysian child. It is not known what happened with rumours surfacing from sexual abuse to physical abuse and attempted muder. All charges were dropped after an out of court settlement.


Josh filed for bankruptcy in 2015 after having his one bedroom flat repossesed, and having all items sold at auction for very little profit, he moved to Malysia (irony ?) in 2016 with money he gained with a win on bingo to begin a new life as school teacher, where he now teached physical education, with a handsome wage.

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