Counciler Nathan Sinclair DDDMYP RHG FTW is a homeless politician who didn't realize he could claim for a house. He is currently in line to become the Conservatives latest victim.

Early Life

Nathan was born into arisocracy, and quickly struck up a "friendship" with the family butler. Apon the death of his butler, Nathan turned to his role models for advice (Prince Harry). At the age of 15, he starred in his first major motion picture in what has been described as "the feelgood film of the year."

Acting Career

Nathan then went on to appear in several sequals to the film, none of them reched the success the original had. After a series foot accidents, he ended his acting career starring in his cinematic opus: Is my life a joke to you?

Nathan in Sport

Nathan soon realized he had potential in the world of sport. After trials at Wrexham and Havant and Waterlooville, he decided to take a contract at Oxford United, the club he's supported since they started winning. He is also a Manchester United fan (citation needed). A coin to the face whilst warming up lead to an end to his ultimate demise as a footballer. The coin came from the Oxford United fans.

After leaving football, he joined the WWE under the name "The Counciler". After a string of 327 losses (all he were sceduled to win), he joined a cage fighting group, and seriously injured his nails.


Nathan decided to join the UKYP. He began a campain to be the representative for his constituency, but lost with only 20% of the vote. He ran a second time, and came second again even though the vote was rigged.

Future Plans

Nathan claims to have recorded his first self titled debut album, and should be out for Christmas 2009. British music fans don't believe the album will be a success, but Nathan believes it will buy him a dog so he can sell more Big issues.

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